The Barnyard Cat

Ballyhoo Books
Hardbound - 32 Pages
MSRP $14.95 - Internet Special $12.50
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 A rollicking romp told in narrative verse. It is a crisp autumn day on the farm. The crops have been gathered and stored. Barnabus, the barnyard cat, snoozes lazily atop his favorite haystack. But in the hills overlooking the fields, a hulking, rumpled, brute of a rat has gathered a small army to make off with the precious grain.
As evening melds to darkness and the rats descend on the farm, Barnabus rises to the challenge in a spirited and comical battle, proving his true worth to the farm. 

  • "The Barnyard Cat's a Keeper!...Brian Heinz conjures a thrilling, haunting scene...An exciting cat-tale with all the trimmings of the autumn season, The Barnyard Cat will likely be a cat your child will want to keep around for years." Midwest Book Review

  • The text is amply supported by the vibrant and detailed watercolors of June Hajek Blair.

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