Beachcrafts, Too!
Ballyhoo Books
Soft cover - 102 Pages
MSRP $9.95 - Internet Special $8.50
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Beachcraft Bonanza
Ballyhoo Books
Soft cover - 87 Pages
MSRP $8.95 - Internet Special $7.50
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For parents, teachers, students, craftspeople, children, and beachlovers. A wide assortment of year-round arts, crafts, puzzles, experiments, and how-to activities for the seashore. Both fun and educational! Highly illustrated in clear black and white line art. 

  • "Definitely an asset to a library near the shore, 
    but other librarians and teachers farther inland 
    will get a lot from it, too."
    Ridgefield Public Library, Bergen-Passaic Regional Library Co-op, NJ

  • "A very useful companion to the Atlantic seashore environmental curriculum. Numerous nature projects are presented...Information about seashore life is randomly integrated...It will be useful to librarians and teachers of all age groups." Recommended."
    Caroline Ward/Nassau Library System, Uniondale, NY

  • "I enjoyed working with the books for a program on the sea this summer. I appreciate the quality of the crafts and other projects in the book. You have successfully avoided "cutesy." The projects respect the materials in their natural form. I commend you on teaching the children so much about our tidal resources without seeming didactic."
    A. Franklin/Children's Librarian, New Britain Public Library, CT

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