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The Latest Works of Brian Heinz

Nathan of Yesteryear

Nathan of Yesteryear
And Michael of Today

Compare the everyday lives of Nathan in the 1880’s
with his great-great-grandson Michael of today.

Red Fox

Red Fox at McCloskey's Farm
The whimsical romp of a wily fox and his

chicken raid on a haunting moonlit night.

Cheyenne Medicine Hat

Cheyenne Medecine Hat
A stunning tale of struggle and survival

in the American West

Other Books in the Brian Heinz Collection

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Butternut Hollow Pond
Butternut Hollow Pond is an ecological study
disguised as a beautiful picture book


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An Arctic Quest

A coming-of-age tale set on the tundra of northern Alaska.


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The Monsters' Test
You're invited to a party at a haunted mansion !

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The Barnyard Cat
A rollicking romp told in narrative verse.

The Alley Cat
The stark and gritty world is brought to life in rich language
and evocative rhyme.  The story is further
enhanced by atmospheric illustrations
laced with the moods of the night.


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Lord of the Ice

A powerful story of suspense and adventure
with a thrilling climax. Set in the high arctic.


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The Wolves
Join a starving wolf pack on a mid-winter hunt
in the Canadian Rockies.

Beachcraft Bonanza    Click To Go To This BookBeachcrafts, Too!

For parents, teachers, students, craftspeople, children, and
beachlovers. A wide assortment of year-round arts,
crafts, puzzles, experiments, and how-to activities
for the seashore. Both fun and educational! 
Highly illustrated in clear black and white line art. 

Works In Progress

Wilderness Arrival
When the coming of winter carries the season’s first great snowstorm to the mountains,
the animal residents seek shelter in myriad ways, before venturing out in surprising celebrations over the transformed land.

King of the Okefenokee
The birth of a baby alligator in his mother's nest begins an eighty-year odyssey that immerses readers not only in the detailed behavior and survival techniques of these magnificent and primitive predators, but, as the young 'gator grows and develops into the swamp community's largest and most elder member, the long, rich history of the Okefenokee Swamp in southern Georgia is evocatively revealed in rich prose and a strong narrative voice.


A New House for Little Witch
Little Witch has outgrown her sagging gingerbread house.  Along with Cat and Broom, she sets out to locate a more suitable home.  Her search is far from uneventful when she lands among the surprising folk of the Haunted Forest.


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Flying Goblins from The Monsters' Test illustrated by Sal Murdocca