Butternut Hollow Pond

The Millbrook Press
Hardbound - 32 Pages
MSRP $15.95 - Internet Special $13.50
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Butternut Hollow Pond is an ecological study disguised as a beautiful picture book. The text and illustrations showcase a typical temperate pond of the eastern United States and the diverse wealth of organisms that thrive there. Through five time frames, from dawn to darkness, young readers will experience the interdependence of life forms in terms of food chains, food webs, and the ecological niches that each organism occupies.
The detailed depiction of this simple pond in words and watercolors will lead to an understanding of it not just as a rich and thriving world unto itself but as an integral piece of the fabric that binds all living things on our planet. 

"Heinz fills this nature drama with action and sensory-loaded language that pulls children in as no science textbook can, as Marstall's realistic watercolor illustrations offer a lovely window to observe the diverse ecosystem.  An excellent resource for the science curriculum."
Starred Review - Booklist
  • Named Outstanding Children's Science Trade Book by the National Science Teachers Association and the Children's Book Council
  •  Illustrated by Bob Marstall.

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