Cheyenne Medicine Hat

Cheyenne Medicine Hat

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Hardbound - 32 Pages
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She was a Medicine Hat mustang, so named nearly two centuries earlier by Sioux warriors of the Western Plains. So begins the tale of Medicine Hat, lead mare in a wild band of horses in the rocky expanses and open vistas of the Cheyenne River Canyon.

The author’s vivid descriptions and sensory-loaded language, and stunning oil paintings by Gregory Manchess, place readers squarely amid Medicine Hat’s mustang herd in this harsh, yet splendorous, landscape.

The dust, wind, and heat are almost palpable in Manchess’ painting, and notes by the author provide historical background on the mustang, a long-persecuted inhabitant of the West.

As Medicine Hat’s band struggles to survive and remain wild, dangers abound in the presence of a great cougar and the imprisoning lariats of wranglers. But in a sequence of events that mirrors the historic plight of these majestic horses, Cheyenne Medicine Hat unfolds as an uplifting tale of survival. . 

  • Paintings by  
    Gregory Manchess


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