Nanuk: Lord of the Ice

Dial Books for Young Readers
Hard Bound - 32 pages
MSRP $15.99 - Internet Special $13.50
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In a parallel tale set in the high arctic, Nanuk, a great polar bear, is on the hunt for seals, while a young Inuit boy and his sled team of eight dogs are in search of Nanuk. A powerful story of suspense and adventure with a thrilling climax. 

  • Bold oil paintings by award-winning artist
    Gregory Manchess support the rich, poetic 
    prose of the tale.

  • Starred review - Publishers Weekly

  • Silver Medal - Society of Illustrators

  • "The alternating story lines shift like quick-cut camera work, urging the story toward the climactic face-off between bear, boy and dogs. Heinz's keen appreciation for the wild lights up his highly descriptive prose, and his enthusiasm and expertise are equaled by those of Manchess...magnificent oil paintings are sculpted as if from ice and light...vividly conveying the struggle for survival in all its passion. In these pages readers can virtually hear the hiss of sled runners and thunder of paws on snow as the dogs race toward their destination, and feel the splash of frigid seawater as the bear plunges in after his prey. A gripping, edge-of-the-seat ride."
    Starred review - Publishers Weekly

  • "The balance of picture to text and the precision of the telling make this a superlative creates a mood of suspense that is beautifully enhanced by Manchess's evocative oil illustrations."
    School Library Journal

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