Red Fox

Red Fox At
McCloskey's Farm

Creative Editions
Hardbound - 32 Pages
MSRP $17.95 - Internet Special $14.50
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A classic conflict is given a classic treatment in Red Fox at McCloskey’s Farm. A moonlit night, a wily fox, a sleepy farmer and his grumpy watchdog, and a coop full of nervous chickens all add up to a ruckus of ruffled feathers in delightful rhyme.

The humor, colorful imagery, and lively rhythms of Brian Heinz’s poetry make this a book that begs to be read aloud. Fold-out pages bring the text to life in oversized illustrations, and the dreamlike quality of Chris Sheban’s artwork superbly captures the sly playfulness of Red Fox, the frenzied clumsiness of McCloskey and his hound, and the understandable unease of the chickens, to make the turning of each page an experience that will not be soon forgotten.  

  • Illustrated by  
    Chris Sheban


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